Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Traffic status coming out of Newark and upcoming for Thanksgiving holiday

I'm working my way out of Newark, New Jersey, and headed back across PA to my TDA compound, hoping to be home by late tonight. Wish me luck!

As to the posting schedule, I've got tons of ammo in the hopper, and will post up at least a couple for you to peruse and comment on over the long weekend. I'm betting that, like me, once you've eaten the turkey and stuffing, and have loosened your belt, you need something to read, so I'll try to help. And check out the TDA Blitz when it comes out on Friday.


Patrick Parker said...

Which Friday were you going to post that TDA Blitz? I'm still eagerly awaiting it... ;-)

Nathan at TDA Training said...

Going to have to be a double this Friday. Doh!