Friday, November 14, 2008

TDA Blitz 2008.11.14

The Redskins had a bye week, so nothing about them this week. I was at a great show in San Diego (which is great, in and of itself), and saw lots of goodies. Gas prices are near or below $2.00 for regular, and I got an upgrade to Business Select on Southwest. Not bad. On to the Blitz

Colin kicking the head?
  1. Colin has a great how-to post on the High Roundhouse Kick to the Head. A man after my own heart! 'Course,  someone should tell Colin he missed the head. Just kidding Colin (I might meet the guy someday, and gotta be careful what I write).
  2. Bill Gertz of the Washington Times reports that missile defense is working, per the general in charge.
    "Asked if current U.S. ground-based and sea-based systems are "workable," Gen. Obering said: "Absolutely."
    "Not only are they workable, they've been proven in combat" in the Middle East, he said in a farewell interview with Defense reporters."
  3. Selling your house? Are you a realtor? Open Houses by Nick Hughes has some great advice.
    "If you, or anyone you know, is trying to sell their home, and they're going to have a parade of strangers walking through, let them know this tip.
    If they have kids, remove any reference to them in the house. A case I'm aware of involves a paedophile who got a slew of information from being inside a home. He was able to glean the age of the child, their hobbies, their names and the names of their parents etc.
    Put yourself in the child's shoes a few weeks later. Someone rolls up in a car, knows their name, talks to them about their hobbies, describes their house and their bedroom, uses the parent's names and then says they sent him to pick them would have to be a well trained child to not fall for the ruse."
    Nick has much more information at his blog on avoiding crime and scams. See this TDA post about the problem.
  4. Rob Redmond at 24 Fighting Chickens has a thought-provoking, and headache-inducing post on Force:
    "F=MA is probably the most overused physics equation in the Karate community. Karate instructors use it to explain how to make a punch deliver more damage to a target. Karate students use it to explain why they are able to punch more powerfully than boxers (note: such claims are nonsense). F=MA has been bounced around the pool table of karate physics for years.
    Unless you are a physics major, everything you think about force and karate techniques is probably wrong."

  5. EagleSpeak's blog covers maritime security, but often features facts and trivia of naval history. Nothing better that that on a Friday, eh (if you're into history, like me)? Read Sunday Ship History: Churchill's Dummy Fleet. Fascinating!
  6. Formosa Neijia has done quite a bit of Judo posting lately, and has clips of a bunch of devastating throws on Judo in MMA. No wonder they call one of their throws "ouchie gary, or something like that!image
  7. My long-lost blogging brother, George of Boot to the Head posts on the glory days of Ninja movies with Sho Kosugi!
  8. Apparently DNA and fingerprints are kind of passe, and the reason really stinks! Identifying People By Odor As Effective As Fingerprinting Read it!
    Odor identification
  9. Hell in a Handbasket has a nice write up on the new Carbon (purpose-built police car) with a link to my excellent post. Just a little shameless self-promotion. Heh.
  10. Mr. Charles James has some required reading for his students. You may benefit from perusing the list, and his recommendations.

A great weekend to you all.

Train as if your life depended on it! - Nathan Teodoro

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Colin Wee said...

Hahahahah. That's a good one, Nat. Indeed I missed her head. And in the next frame I would also end up missing her nuts! Colin