Friday, November 07, 2008

TDA Blitz 2008.11.07

What week! We have a new president-elect, the Dow is sinking faster than the Titanic during that scene where everybody was falling sideways down the deck, my Redskins got beaten down by my Steelers, and lots of other things happening. Those are all interesting, but on to the real stories! - Nathan

Ma deuce!
Photo credit: Hell in a Handbasket
  1. Hell in a Handbasket reports on efforts to update the best weapon for home defense, the .50 caliber M2:
    Do you know that the very same design is still being used today, 70 years after US troops first hunkered down behind the spade grips to give the enemy hell? It still works, still does the job very well indeed, but a lot of those old warhorses are starting to wear out after decades of use. Some people think that there might just be room for improvement.

    Various attempts have been made over the past ten years to drastically improve Ma Deuce. Efforts tend to concentrate on reducing her weight, since she is a heavy girl that weighs 130 pounds or so. It would be nice if she could slim down to half that.

    As this post over at StrategyPage shows, it looks like she won't be any lighter any time soon. The major setback seems to be that a gun which weighs less cannot fire as fast without shaking apart or burning up.

  2. Speaking of home defense, thank God this woman was prepared! Read it all.
    Rape Victim Shoots Rapist in Her Home
    The 57-year-old woman shot Ronnie W. Preyer, 47, a registered sex offender, in the chest with a shotgun when he broke through her locked basement door.

    The woman told police he was the same man who raped her several days earlier. Officials do not intend to seek charges against her.

  3. Via Fight Geek, Speed bag work. Enjoy!
  4. Via Military Times, Combatives champ to turn pro, leave Army
    He’s a combat veteran who has turned down invitations to fight in the nation’s top mixed martial arts circuits so he could deploy with his fellow Green Berets.

    Staff Sgt. Tim Kennedy has won the light heavyweight division at the all-Army combatives tournaments three years in a row and professes a deep love for his job in the Army.

    But his bosses at Special Operations Command won’t let Kennedy fight in professional, civilian MMA tournaments, and this fall, he plans to go on terminal leave and eventually leave the Army to pursue a career in hand-to-hand fighting.

  5. Watch out! Spy Cam In Wal-Mart Set To Beam Credit Card Numbers To Thieves
    A mysterious box with an antenna found hidden inside a Wal-Mart was a planted spy camera set up to beam customer credit card numbers to thieves in the parking lot, police said.
  6. I must have this! Chain Mail Shirt 
  7. Another good review of Meditations on violence at Formosa Neijia. I think I'll need to pick it up.
    Short review: If I could recommend ONE book that every martial artist on earth should read, this would be it. How’s that for a review?
  8. Blogs Better at Pushing Product?
    New research finds that bloggers' links are gaining heft as trusted guides for finding useful content and product purchases.
  9. What do you think has more potential to influence buying decisions online: links in blog posts or a burgeoning social network?

    If you chose social network, you would probably be using common sense. If you chose bloggers, you're on to something that Jupiter Research and Web metrics firm BuzzLogic have uncovered in recent research.

    For avid blog readers, the links found within posts are the preferred method for retrieving related content from other blogs, Jupiter found. The results of its survey offer some hints for e-commerce and advertising opportunities.

    Web analytics and advertising firm BuzzLogic commissioned the study. It found that blogs serve a key role in retrieving information on the Web, including product reviews and recommendations.

  10. Is this the Zohan's dad?
    Refugio "Fugi" Escobedo from Atlanta, Georgia is 71 and is leading what seems to be an interesting kind of double life. What else would you be saying about of a combination of bounty hunter and ... are you ready for this ... hair stylist!
    The man - who certainly is quite a character with long and flowing black hair - is described as a self-defense expert by As far as the quite risky bounty hunting business goes, he says he often works alone.
  11. Finally, read A side to fighters that many never see… linked at the great Just be prepared to cry like a little girl. Unless you are a little girl, then you should be ready.

Have a great weekend, and be ready!


BSM said...

A Ma Deuce for home defense?


Even this crappy medic got to fire one. I also had to spend the night in a 113 APC guarding ours from theft after the 113 broke down!

From a military stand point they are a back bone weapon. Improving them for the military is a GOOD idea. Although the same design still works pretty good.

A .50 caliber for home defense? Well I don't want to live next to that house! Those rounds can go a mile and will go through multiple walls, cinder blocks, engine blocks, etc.

One of the most effective home defense weapons is a shot gun with a shortened barrel and a folding stock. You can get buck shot for 12 gauge or 20 gauge. For close quarters still one of the most deadly and reliable under stress. You aiming error rate is reduced due to the scatter. This was preached to me by a state trooper who was also a captain in my guard unit.


Nathan at TDA Training said...

I know, I know. You're right, of course, but a fifty sounds fun for anything, right??

BSM said...

If you like guns you should find a range that will let you fire one. Even better with tracers.

We got to fire on old junked out military vehicles.

The 50. is a...blast!

However, they are no fun to sleep with in the rain.

Nathan at TDA Training said...

When I worked at the PD in Virginia, one of the LTs was a former Marine, and, since we were so close to Quantico, he would go down and fire his .50 there. He offered a couple of time, and I never made the time to go. Darn!