Saturday, October 11, 2008

Repost: Timing Counter

[Nathan- Originally posted in July of '04, the timing counter is one of my favorite types. It can only be used if you're already certain of how the opponent throws a strike. That knowledge will enable you to beat them to the punch (stop-hit), or make them miss, thus getting out of position. Try it, you'll like it!]

Timing Counter
TIMING Counter: Dropping a right hand over a lazy lead. This will work if the lead-off fighter throws an uncommitted jab, or drops it on the way out (when retracting the punch). Remember, the best defense really is a good offense. If you commit fully to an offensive technique, and your tactic is sound, the counter-fighter will be forced to defend the technique-creating openings-rather than counter. This will only work with commitment. In this case, the counter fighter also has used a draw by keeping the lead hand low to leave the head vulnerable-drawing the lazy jab. Nice.

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