Thursday, August 21, 2008

Georgia and the Nature of Man

I think Georgia was a wake-up call for many of us, for whom the sight of raw aggression has been limited to parts south and east of that small country. I often ponder, as I read the news, how many can still hold the viewpoint that man is essentially good. The sight of the Russian army rolling through the streets of Gori, expelling ethnic Georgians from their homes in South Ossetia, and stories of murder and pillage remind us of the dangers we face in the world today, and how thin a line there is between civilization and savagery. A governing principle in my understanding of mankind's dealing with one another is that there is evil in our hearts, evil which must be restrained. Were this not so, there would be no need for police, prisons, armies, or even governments, much less weapons and martial arts.

This should serve as a reminder to equip yourself to resist evil in all it's forms. Support and participate in civic activities like local and national elections. Arm yourself with education and information needed to make wise choices. Support the armed forces, law enforcement, and public safety by, at a minimum, reporting crime. Finally, learn to protect yourself, and if possible, put yourself in the way of those who would prey on the weak.

Nations and individuals seems to have an unlimited capacity to prey upon those weaker in strength or resolve. Be prepared.


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Patrick Parker said...

I agree, Nathan. In fact, I can't think of another article you've written lately that I agree with more. I've really enjoyed your last couple of more political, more large-scale posts. Keep it up!