Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New Link: Combat Sport Psychology

As a matter of coincidence, my wife got me a subscription to Black Belt Magazine, something I've not had for many, many years (since the 80's, I think), I received my first issue, and I got an email from Dr. Randy Borum, who happens to be a columnist (Psyched) for the same magazine. Weird. How do these things happen???

It turn out that Dr. Borum has started a blog called Combat Sport Psychology. He describes it as, "... a collection of articles applying sport psychology to martial arts generally and to competitive performance in combat sports more specifically." We checked it out, and would recommend you do the same!

Combat Sport Psychology

Randy Borum's Bio:

Dr. Randy Borum is a Professor at the University of South Florida and Director of Sport Psychology at Gracie Tampa. He is a Licensed Psychologist, and Certified Sport Psychologist. He writes a monthly column for Black Belt Magazine and articles for MMA magazines addressing applications of sport psychology to MMA and other combat sports. He has consulted to the National Academy of Sports Medicine and to the IFL and with professional and other elite-level combat sport athletes from the UFC, KOTC and other national and regional promotions. Dr. Borum is also the Performance Psychology Advisor to the Crazy Monkey Defense (CMD) Program. He was previously a strength and conditioning consultant for the USF Boxing Team and currently holds a Copper-Level (Intro) Coaching certification with USA Wrestling.



Dr. Randy Borum said...

Thanks Nathan. I appreciate your recommendation and your blogging advice. I'm pleased to have the TDA Training on my blog. Best regards - Randy

Nathan Teodoro said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! Many assisted me in the beginning, and I'm sure you'll lend a helping hand along the way to others.