Monday, February 04, 2008

The MMA Weekly Wrap-Up


UFC 81 gave us a spectacular Main Event battle as a truly massive Brock Lesnar came out like a wild bear to maul Frank Mir in the opening moments of Saturday’s fight. The former wrestling champion intercepted a roundhouse kick and took side control to begin pounding Mir mercilessly.

Unfortunately, a couple of those punches landed to the back of Mir’s head, causing the referee to stop the fight and return both fighters to their feet.

Judging by the ‘boos’ from the audience and internet traffic afterwards, many fight fans thought that the stoppage was premature and possibly cost Lesnar the fight.

I have to disagree. Once back on their feet, Brock initiated another quick take-down and continued to lay hammer fists onto Mir’s face. However, Mir was able to turn and scissor his legs between Lesner’s, taking him down and placing him deep into a knee bar.

Frank Mir won by submission 1:30 minutes into the first round. - An amazing turn around. (I’d like to see Eli Manning do that!)

Brock may have lost his debut fight coming into the UFC, but don’t count him out. He is massive dude, willing to inflict serious injury on his opponents. As he gets used to the BJJ tricks of his competition and learns to counter them, he could become a major player in the octagon.

Other results from the fight include:

Nate Marquardt won over Jeremy Horn by Submission at 1:37 in the 2nd round (guillotine choke)

Ricardo Almeida won over Rob Yundt by Submission at 1:08 in the 1st round (guillotine choke)

Tyson Griffin won over Gleison Tibau by Unanimous Decision

Chris Lytle won over Kyle Bradley by Knock Out at 0:33 in the 1st round

Marvin Eastman won over Terry Martin by Unanimous Decision

Tim Boetsch won over David Heathby Technical Knock Out at 4:52 in the 1st round

Rob Emerson won over Keita Nakamura by Split Decision


Not that anyone cares about who else is on the card for the EliteXC - Extreme Combat Event, but reports that the following matches will take place.

Tank Abbott vs. Kimbo Slice

Ricco Rodriguez vs. Antonio Silva

Yves Edwards vs. Edson Berto

Dave Herman vs. Seth Petruzelli

Kyle Noke vs. Scott Smith

Brett Roges vs. James Thompson

The Event will be televised on Showtime.


This week, Chuck Liddell appeared on the Late Night with Conan O'Brien show to promote his new book 'Iceman: My Fighting Life.'

Just an observation, but it looks like Liddell is trimming his mohawk down a bit and letting it kinda spread out over his head. Good Idea! (A press agent must have had a "talk" with him.)

Anyway, check out the interview:


It’s official; The UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra and the interim UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre are scheduled to meet at UFC 83 in Montreal, Canada.

Serra was set to defend his title against fellow TUF Coach Matt Hughes at UFC 79 but had to bow out due to a back injury during training. (Hughes instead faced St. Pierre and lost the match.) reports that Serra suffered two herniated disks (L4 & L5) but has undergone spinal injections and intensive physical therapy. He now claims that he’s ready to fight again.

This fight will be a rematch of UFC 69, where Serra pulled out an upset win over St Pierre.

Well, that's going to be it for this week. (I'm having trouble with my internet connection so I'll have to cut it a bit short this time... Thanks Comcast!)

Check back next week when we bring you more of the 'Best of the Web' for MMA Action.


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The new YAMMA fight will be on April 11th. That's what to watch!