Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fight Science Coming to National Geographic Channel

The National Geographic Channel has a new martial arts related series that premiers Sunday.

Keeping the same name as a previous National Geographic special, this series explores common techniques and tactics used by martial and combat arts experts by using scientific method to record and analyze their techniques.

The show claims to show why the techniques and strategies are so effective, and also demonstrate exactly how they work.

Two episodes will premier Sunday, with Mixed Martial Arts at 8pm et/pt
and Special Ops at 9pm et/pt

The Mixed Martial Arts episode will include techniques presented from legendary fighters such as the former UFC Heavyweight & Lt Heavyweight Champion, Randy 'The Natural' Couture; The undefeated former Heavyweight Champion - El Guapo - Bas Rutten; former Lt. Heavyweight Champion, Tito Ortiz; and King of the Cage, MMA Middleweight Champ, Dean Lister.

The Special Ops Episode will include tactics demonstrated by the former US Navy Seal, Stew Smith, as well as former Israeli IDF Commando, Amir Perets.

Much like the Human Weapon series, this show promises to very interesting and should inspire some really good posts on the Convocation of Combat Arts Forum.

Check it out.




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Nathan Teodoro said...

This does look interesting. It seems like the media have rediscovered the market of martial artists. We're becoming a bigger part of the mainstream on tv programming: Fight Science, Fight Quest, Human Weapon, and more to come, I'd bet. The reality show genre and MMA are probably responsible.