Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The war on droopy drawers

Have you noticed the recent spate of news related to saggy/baggy/droopy pants in the news? While I agree that it's slovenly in appearance, it's made it harder for those so outfitted to get away from the cops, which can be a good thing. See our archived post, It's Hard to Run Away in Them Baggy Pants.


Black Belt Mama said...

When I taught 9th grade, I had many students who wore their pants like that. I found it to be ridiculous. Boys were walking around showing off their boxer shorts and I did not want to see that. So, I made a simple rule for my classroom. Either get a belt, or I'd make one for them when they were in my classroom. One kid wanted to test me. He ended up with a masking tape belt-seemed to solve the problem just fine.

Nathan Teodoro said...

I just wish there'd be sililar legislation on crop-tops and plumber's crack! Thanks for the comments!