Sunday, October 28, 2007

BBM hurtin'!

I feel like a goofball! I've been catching up on posting and just linked up to one of  BBM's posts in my last one, complimented her, then went on my merry way. I just read that she went down and has a torn ACL. Let the prayers and well-wishes begin. I'm challenging all you TDA readers to head over and comment, saying nice things to BBM. If you have extra cash, send her some. Do her dishes. Wash her car. Walk her dog. Or just say hi, and get better soon.

BBM, your encouragement of all of us is always appreciated. Please accept ours in return. Get better soon!

- Nathan

Update: BBM is soliciting anyone who's rehabbed a torn ACL without surgery and was able to recover to resume training or competing in any sport. Please contact her at her blog, via email, or post something in the CoCA thread (ACL anyone?) with your feedback. Thanks!


mike said...

Mike here!, I would suggest that BBM check out, It's a good reference guide,I use it alot. But not knowing BBM's full history, I'd say she should ask a second opinion, there are new developments with this surgery. Please keep in touch!, don't have to many people to pound my head in! (really miss this stuff!)

Nathan Teodoro said...

Mike! Great to hear from you. I'll give you a call to catch up later today. I have forwarded your comment to BBM. She's a good lady, and a little depressed about this, understandably, considering she was preparing for her black belt test.
I'll try to pound your head in next time I'm down there in VA. :-)