Friday, September 28, 2007

Where have I been?

View from our back yard...

Where to begin...

As you may know, I moved in August, closing on the sale of our Virginia home on August 9, then drove to my father-in-law's home to spend the night, planning to close on the sale of the new home on Friday, August 10. Well, life doesn't always work out the way we expect. There's always Murphy waiting in the wings, and we should expect it, but don't.

On August 10, we prepared to head over to the closing agent/title company and sign our lives away, but got a call in the morning asking us to wait a little while, as they still hadn't received the payoff amount from the seller's mortgage company. No problem. We waited for the call. Got it, and they still didn't have the payoff! We didn't know what the problem was, but rescheduled for the following Tuesday, just to be safe.

It turned out that we couldn't close then either because the seller's lenders were apparently in the process of foreclosing on the property, as the current owners hadn't paid the mortgage for almost six months! Not cool. Turns out that the sellers didn't have enough to come to the table and close. Not good.

At this point, to mercifully end this sad tale, we're waiting for Countrywide (our seller's lender) to approve a "short-sale" so that we can go forward with the closing. It's moving at a snail's pace, but it seems to be going along...

At this point, I'd been so swamped with work and helping my wife, among other things, that I've had no time to post here at TDA, plus my hard drive died, and I've been without a laptop or Internet for a while.

Well I'm back! Look out! Thanks for sticking it out and checking back. I'm getting back into the swing, I promise, and will attempt to serve you better. Stay tuned!


Patrick Parker said...

Wow, what a cool view. I've been missing you and I'm glad you're back.

mike said...

Hey Nathan! Is this the view from your back yard, or a new training site, or the site of your multi-million dollar house? good to hear from you again!
Mike Frezza
( The old Bald scary guy!)

Rick Fryer said...

Good to see you back.

Hope all works out with the new home.

(P.S. Like the back yard, but good luck with the lawn mower?)


Nathan Teodoro said...

Thanks guys!
It is a beautiful view, but I'm hoping I'll love it as much when it snows!

Pat - Ditto, and glad to be back.
Mike - missing you, Sam, and Daniel big time! I'd like to have you all up to the new training compound (i mean house) sometime in the spring. I hope you can make it.

Rick - Thanks for the welcome back. I was missing it. Thanks to you and all my guest posters for keeping TDA afloat and setting a high standard for me.