Sunday, August 12, 2007

BBM in the HOUSE!

Hi, Black Belt Mama here. I'm pretty sure that when I was asked to guest post here, it was assumed I'd do something like this.

There are a couple problems with this though. First, I have no clue what Mr. TDA himself happens to look like. Without denigrated photo's of the gracious host, what's the point? I mean really. The other thing is that Mr. TDA is married. I'm not about serenading a married man. It's just not gonna happen. The third reason is that shaking my booty also requires a bit of neck movement, and the neck is currently in healing mode from an aiki-jujitsu whiplash injury. Somehow I was thinking that a robotic BBM or a BBM in a soft collar just wasn't going to cut it. I think I made the right call here.

That doesn't mean this post has to be without video. Take this one for example, of some wanna-be martial artists. . .

And I thought my audition for the Carrie Underwood lip sync was rough. Hell, I'm practically Bruce Lee in my little video.

Here's another one that demonstrates some of these important lessons:

1. Don't practice karate near a pool, not even a baby pool.
2. Stages are detrimental to kata.
3. Being the board holder can be a dangerous job.

And last but not least. . .
4. Make sure you tie your gi pants extremely well.

Here's to hoping this post doesn't embarrass as much as losing your drawers. Oh my!


Lynn said...

Squee!!! Videos are always good blog fodder.

Dojo Rat said...

Someday we can all say: "I knew her when she was just a Brown Belt"...
--Those video out-takes were too funny!

P.S., hope the neck injury is healing up--

August said...

NICE! Ok, they aren't anywhere near the quality of your Karlipoo tribute but funny, nonetheless.

black belt mama said...

Thanks for coming on over gals! August, I told you I'm a one hit wonder, didn't I?

And D.R., thanks for the well wishes. I'm getting there slowly but surely.