Saturday, July 07, 2007

Things I've been meaning to post on - catching up

With travel, trying to get a house sold, trying to train (emphasis on trying!), etc., I haven't been able to post on as many things as I'd love to, though they deserve it. Here is a smattering that I think are worthy (that phrase reminds me of Bill and Ted or Wayne's World - showing my age, eh?):

919Security - Self Defense Is Important Inside The Home Too
Spencer Burns on Bowing
Defend University - Should a woman try and use her purse as a self-defense weapon?
Rubber Guard by Eddie Bravo via Physical Strategies
Great post by Ronin - Rape - Resist or Comply? (I'm about to do a WSD DVD review, will post then)
Another great tip by Nick Hughes finds some great Duke Roufus and Karo Parisyan training tips on YouTube
The Long And Short Of Tae Kwon Do by Dojo Rat
Patrick Parker - The way you do the thing you do
The difference between Martial Arts and Self Defense by Safety Dave
Touching post on Integrity & Perseverance at Striking Thoughts

And... there's a lot of weird, crazy and questionable stuff at some blog called, TDA Training, but don't bother with it!

I hope all the links are still good. Please let me know if you'd like me to post more on any of these items.


Patrick Parker said...

I always enjoy reading your perspectives on my articles. What was it about that one in particular that struck your fancy?

Nathan Teodoro said...

Hah! If I had time, I would've posted on it. It's a great piece, because it reveals a lot of how you think about things, not just martial arts. One thing I'm probably lacking in the content of my blog is exactly that, my thoughts and views of other matters. I try to stay on subject - martial arts and training for them. I should do it more. I just enjoyed it because it reveals why you're probably a very good instructor, at least for people like me - you relate the attributes and skills in MA to what others can understand, and break down the processes. Hence, your post is about how to get better at anything, including your MA. Nice. Mutual admiration.