Monday, July 30, 2007

New Link: Toughen Up Self-Defense Training Tips

Toughen Up Blog

Randy LaHaie has started a new blog called Toughen Up Self-Defense Training Tips, which I think you should check out. It's content is similar to mine (though of course vastly inferior (LOL!)), but he brings a wealth of perspective that I don't have. So far, you'll find tips on self-defense, the psychology of fear and freezing, training motivation and more. From his bio:

Randy LaHaieRandy LaHaie is a veteran police officer with experience as a patrol officer, detective, SWAT team member and full time use-of-force instructor. He has been studying, training and teaching self defense for about 30 years and is certified in several defensive tactics and personal safety systems. LaHaie is a fanatical researcher, conducting extensive, ongoing research into the psychology and performance issues of volatile and combative situations. He has attended and presented at numerous seminars and conferences in Canada and the United States and has given expert testimony in court pertaining to self defense, armed encounters and justified force.

LaHaie has trained thousands of private citizens, law enforcement officers and high-risk professionals (security, corrections, investigators, social workers etc.) He has also designed countless training programs and administrative policies explicit to preparing for and resolving aggressive encounters.

Protective Strategies is a training and consulting company providing personal safety, self-defense and subject control training to law enforcement officers, high-risk professionals and private citizens. Randy LaHaie founded it in 1994.

Toughen Up is a more recently evolved aspect of Randy’s business that combines combative training and functional fitness into a unified method to improve your health, enhance your fighint skills and to make you an overall “Tougher” and more resilient person. He author of several “Toughen Up Combative Training Guides” which are built around training methods that develop self-defense skills AND improve your health and functional performance.

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