Sunday, July 01, 2007

Argos and the Carnival of Martial Arts

A new MA blog called, Argos Classic Martial Reprints is hosting something called the Carnival of Martial Arts, a way of featuring interesting MA blog articles or posts. I've submitted one of our most popular posts to the Carnival, and hope to see a lot from other bloggers.

Argos is a really interesting idea. Per his "About" description, "If you are reading this site, then you already realize how rare and ultimately how expensive early English-language martial arts books and ephemera tend to be for the modern collector and practitioner. Our goal is to reprint these the correct way, i.e., not with a poor facsimile, but by scanning, OCRing, proofing, and laying out original or better-than-original images. This is a time-intensive process and a general pain in the ass. So, why do it? Well, we think this information should be out there and readily available for both scholarly study and martial practice and we are hoping that this will be a practical way to do so."

A laudable goal, the preservation of our martial arts literature, isn't it? Check out the blog, and spread the word...

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