Friday, June 08, 2007

Now featured on

This is interesting. Along with 24FC, Martial Development, The Jiujitsu Brotherhood, Dojo Rat, and Weakness With a Twist, our humble blog (TDA Training, last I heard) is featured on's Martial Arts Blogs page. A motley crew, no doubt, especially that Dojo Rat guy. I've heard he even hangs out with the scary bloggers at the Covocation of Combat Arts! Be afraid...
Update: I actually read down through the comments on the post, and want to thank those of you who nominated us. Ok, do 10 pushups, now!
Turns out it's partly Joel's fault, and John's too!


Joel Samildanach said...

Hi! I'm glad to be of help! :-)

Even though I've never chimed-in here before, I really do enjoy reading everything here (and on Convocation of Combat Arts) and have learned a lot in the process. Keep up the great work!

Nathan Teodoro said...

Thanks Joel. I've seen your blog before. I really like the stream of consciousness style. I see you do Muay Thai, a great style, something we share. Thanks again.