Friday, June 29, 2007

Newest Convocation Partners: Amanda and Sendo

Please head over to check out some of the newest partners to the Convocation of Combat Arts (list here): Sendo to Kenpo, my journey, and Amanda Takes Off...and Takes on Korea.

Sendo is a very personal blog, mostly about the training and experiences of a Sendo Kung-Fu students move to Nick Cerio Kenpo. It's interesting to read about his daily training and class encounters, and how he was recently found out by his classmates (he was trying to blog anonymously). Enjoyable, and thoughtful commentary on martial arts in general. Check it out.

Amanda's blog is also unique, in that it covers aspects of her move, work, and daily life in Korea, with her Tae Kwon Do training being an aspect, but not the focus of the blog. Check out her excellent content, and say hello. You'll learn something about Korea, too!

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