Saturday, May 05, 2007

Excellent TKD training material

If you are a Taekwondo practitioner, or just play one on TV, you'll appreciate the Blue Wave Taekwondo School site. It's a blog for the students and instructors of the school, but they have taken the time and energy (and I know how much that takes) to detail techniques and drills on video, then share them with us. Most instructors would charge a pretty penny for information like this, but instructor Gordon White allows you to view it for free. For Olympic-style (WTF) TKD, I don't know of a better site. Also, the school's environment seems top-notch, from the outside looking in.

Kudos to Blue Wave! Check it out!


Gordon White said...

Thanks for the Plug! I have a lot of fun with the blog, and the videos, the visitors the merrier.


Nathan Teodoro said...

No, thanks for all your work. I know that you probably enjoy it, but I hope you realize what it does for those around the world who may not have access to an instructor and still want to study TKD. All the best to you and your students!