Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Chuck Norris on the Greatest Martial Arts Champion

Chuck Norris gives an opinion on this subject which may surprise you. Some may not have know that he now writes a blog, and his perspective, spanning decades in the martial arts, is always interesting reading. Check it out.

Update: Bob at Striking Thoughts has posted his interesting perspective on this, including an interesting segue into the subject of "Christian Karate" organizations. Once again, Bob strikes a chord (intended!):

I do know that the dojang is one of the FEW places where I can forget all my problems and focus on one thing: Martial arts. In fact, we even have a tradition of leaving our shoes outside of our studio’s door. Part to signify that we are leaving all our troubles “out there” while we focus on one thing in the studio. If you want to bring Jesus, Zeus, Allah, or any other deity in you can but you need to keep it on the inside.

While a private studio or church certainly has the right to Christianize the martial arts and even exclude non-Christians that’s not what bothers me. When certain schools take it to the extreme they stifle learning, tolerance, and growth.

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Anonymous said...

Where is Chuck Norris's training facility located? I'm a Christian myself and I highly do believe in God. I have loved martial arts since my older brother joined Karate when he was 6 and became a Jr. Black Belt 7 years later...he taught me some moves and said that I should only use them as a last-resort in a case of self-defense and that avoiding fights is my main priority. He told me that, "what if a kid comes up to you and pushes you and you decide to kick him in the groin and he happens to fall and hit his head on the curb and die or is seriously injured...if that was to happen you are responsible for him unless you have a strong jurisdiction why you killed or seriously injured him, and saying that he pushed you isn't going to waver the fact that you killed or seriously injured him..."
"If you ever get in a fight and you get the other kid to the ground...don't keep on going, the fight is over and you should show respect and stop. Unlike other kids who keep on punching or kicking the kid when he's on the ground"
I've learned some thing about self-defense but I'd like to know more and if I was to ever get jumped I'd like to know how to defend myself and to have a natural reaction instead of thinking of what I should do next to defend myself...
So is there a place that Chuck Norris has in California where I can learn his skills and techniques to defend myself in a fight?