Monday, April 16, 2007

TDA's One-Year Anniversary

I know we started this blog back in 2004, but it really went live as a public martial arts blog just about one year ago. It was April 7 of 2006, and I decided that the beatings I was absorbing from my friends shouldn't fade into obscurity, but that we should share the love. And thus, I started publicly promoting this blog as Teodoro Defensive Arts, now TDA Training.

The idea in 2004 was to keep an online diary of what was going on in our training. Then it progressed to me discovering that it was helpful to link to good sources of information for my students, and from there it was a short jump to posting my own tips, tricks, and techniques. And in 2006, I decided to do my part at adding to classical and non-classical "mess" of knowledge by writing for anyone who wanted to read our stuff.

Well my friends, you've responded with overwhelming support. Our readership started out small - our first week we had just 94 visitors and 160 page views. It grew and grew, and now we are averaging over 1000 visits per week, with over 2000 page views (our recent record week was 2046, and 3008, but who's counting).

Anyway, we want to thank all of our loyal readers and friends who've told their friends, family members, or have linked to us. Just for that, you're all invited to my place!


Patrick Parker said...

Hey, man. What would you say were the top couple of things that you did to boost your blog traffic to the phenominal level it is at now? Besides great content, that is...

Come on. Enquiring minds want to know. How'd you do it?

Nathan Teodoro said...

Hmmm. I'd say, content is probably all. I don't know if it's all great, in fact I know it's not, but seriously, I looked and many of our posts are ranked in the top 10 on Google, and most of our new traffic comes from Google searches. I don't spend enough time promoting the site, but it seems like I have loyal readership - seriously. I don't really know!

Nathan Teodoro said...

One other thing, I think the forum will help all of us. I will be emailing info out soon, I promise. It should be next week, so stay tuned!