Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Its a good day when we all get to go home...

I received this from a friend who's a firefighter in my area:

Firefighters say its a good day when we all get to go home...
Monday was a bad day at the firehouse.
He drove into the same parking lot I do. He walked through the same door. He went into the same bay that I do. He probably washed his hands in the same sink, ate breakfast from the same table and he checked out the same airpacks that I do. He was only 24.... the same age as me.
Kyle Wilson was a Prince William County Firefighter for only 9 months. On Monday, I was told, he was detailed to the Truck. He was on duty at 0600 and at 0602 a call for a structure fire was put out. Heavy winds were in the area which only made the fire roar more. Kyle would never know that this was his last day to live...
He went in doing his job. He was searching for occupants that were supossedly in the house. Little did anyone know they had safely gotten to a neighbor's house. Despite the daily hazards of firefighting, Kyle was just doing his job... the same job I do.
The fire ate at everything... the floor collapsed... Kyle got separated from his crew. He called his own "May Day" that I was told was clearer and more perfect then a training drill. Despite the horrific conditions, crews went in after him. A decision had to be made minutes later: do we risk all for one? At this point, the fire conditions were unbearable.
I was told that everything else went perfect that day. Crews later did the recovery of Technician Kyle Wilson. He was just 24. He did everything he was supossed to... jsut like he was taught. On Saturday, we will lie to rest one of our own. Brother Kyle Wilson sacrificed his life for saving others.
We are fortunate that we had never had a line of duty death in Prince William County. We are unfortunate it happened. The funeral services are scheduled for Saturday at Nissan Pavilion. Even if you didn't know Kyle, just please say a prayer for his family... both of his families. As Monday, April 16th we lost a Brother.
We don't know how fortunate we are having those in our midst who would willingly sacrifice themselves, put their lives in harms way for our protection, for our safety. Let's give thanks.

Please read about Kyle Wilson, and if you can contribute to his memorial fund, information is here.

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