Monday, March 26, 2007

Today's TDA Tip: Avoid a fair fight

No such thing....

The last "fair" fight I had was in fourth grade, when a kid I was fighting said, "So you wanna rassle, huh?" Then proceeded to uppercut me in the solar plexus after I was out-wrestling him. The fair fight ended when he started to lose. I was still fighting fair. I lost...

As we've mentioned before, fighting isn't fair, you usually don't get to pick whom you are going to fight, and no one wants to lose. That's why, if you get attacked in today's society, you're dealing with someone who's mentally unstable, on drugs, or a criminal - sometimes all three. In all of those cases, the deck is stacked against you.

The mentally unstable will be unpredictable. He (or she) may not care that you are bigger, with your friends, that you are in a public place, or that he will get caught. The mentally ill may be armed, and uninhibited by the normal constraints of a conscience or shame. These are the people that kill their own families, then mutilate the bodies before sitting down to breakfast. How do you handle that? Is that a fair fight?

All of us have heard stories of those on various mind-altering drugs, and I include alcohol in this discussion. These subjects may have lost all inhibition and seem to possess incredible, near superhuman strength. They may be able to take ten of your best shots without seeming to notice, and throw you like a rag doll. There are news accounts of this nearly every week, and many times these folks are killed during arrests because they won't submit! Sometimes three, four, or even five police officers cannot effect an arrest without piling on, which prevents the subject from breathing. For you grapplers, prepare to break an arm or dislocate a shoulder and have the attacker keep coming. Best to take out a knee or, even better, use a blood choke to take down this type of attacker. Better yet, run!

Finally, the criminal element. Preying on those who have what they cannot earn for themselves, or who appear weak or unable to defend themselves, this fight will be the least fair. Prepare to be attacked or killed by those who will attack from where you least expect it, and when you least expect it. You will probably face weapons, multiple attackers, or both. Your life may be in jeopardy if you don't comply, but may be forfeit even if you do.

Do everything in your power to avoid a fight, but if you can't make sure it's not fair!

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