Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mobile Emergency Numbers - share this!

I just had to call in several crashed and disabled vehicles on I-70 in Ohio, 'cause I'm forced to drive in the snow for my work. If, like me, you travel a lot, you may want to put these numbers in your cell phone. Unfortunately, 911 isn't universal yet, despite the law. Also, dialing 911 from you cell phone should also help locate you (E-911), but it doesn't always. Still, this excellent site should be of some assistance.

Also, for safety, I recommend putting 911 into the "turbo dial" of your phone so that you can just hold down the button and it will dial it. Many phones are set up that way by default, but not all.

Just a safety tip! Again, thanks to for these Mobile Emergency Numbers: "Highway Notification Numbers"

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