Saturday, February 10, 2007

TDA Training Turns 10,000!

I want to thank all of our readers for the great success we've had with TDA Training. It's morphed from a blog on my personal training with my buddies to sharing some insights of my own, and many others on training methods, techniques, tactics, and the mindset it takes to successfully defend yourself, win a match, or take down a bad guy. We recently enjoyed a record increase in the number of daily readers, pages viewed (hits), as well as email and syndication subscribers. We also hit the milestone of 10,000 readers, and over 21,000 page views since April of 2006, since the blog began in it's current form, and we started tracking activity.

Next up are more Instructional posts, similar to this one, as well as video, and a major addition to our abilities to share the wealth of our knowledge with one another, a forum (look for that soon!).

Anyway, thanks again, and train hard!

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