Monday, February 05, 2007

Interesting post on Footwork

The Self-Defense Sense blog has an interesting post from a couple of days ago on the actual footwork used in fighting.

"Stop worrying about your footwork and whether your feet should be pointed 30 degrees or 45 degrees. Your body already knows how to move and your feet will naturally follow in the direction in which you want to travel...

In my real fights I've never given any thought to my footwork, nor have I ever yelled a "kiai". Spend more time training your attributes and practicing your skills than worrying about eight different ways to move your feet."

I think the point made here is more applicable to stances than footwork, but I then haven't had a lot of "real fights" since reaching adulthood. I think that the stances we're taught (or teach) for sparring are rarely used, from a strict boxing, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Arnis/FMA, or TKD perpective. You just don't get a chance to set up that way, for the most part. Now the footwork is another story, I believe. I think that the step and slide of my predominant boxing/Muay Thai background works well, and is now reflexive.

Another side to this is that an experience fighter won't have to worry about footwork precisely because of that experience. A novice or untrained person's footwork may be what gets him or her in trouble. Take the untrained instinct to move straight back as an example of where "what's natural" can get you into trouble.

So I come away from reading this with the same advice I'd always give: train for what will happen, and that includes the footwork and stances that you'd use.

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