Saturday, February 10, 2007

Handgun disarm, single hand from the rear - video

As always, MAKE SURE your weapon is unloaded, checked by all participants prior to doing any training of this sort. An airsoft or squirt gun can also be used.


la bete said...

Interesting stuff Nathan. Have you tried it with airsoft and helmets on to get more energy into it? I'd be interested to see how the bind and takedown works with the handgunner giving realisitc energy.

Nathan Teodoro said...

Thanks la bete. I appreciate the comments. This was actually when we first learned this particular technique, and we've drilled it and others numerous times, most of the time with airsoft, and headgear, etc. So yes, and so far it's been successful, so I think it's viable. Any others? Please email me at the link on the main page. Thanks!- Nathan

Anonymous said...

Great Technique. But needs lots of drill to be able to put into real action. thanks i learned from it.