Saturday, February 24, 2007

Finally, a guillotine counter that works!

This is the best counter to a guillotine choke (before it goes to the ground) that we've found so far (that works). Sam and I agree that we've both seen it before in BJJ books, but we can't remember which one. Enjoy!

1. Sam (tan camos) locks in the guillotine. Mike must defend before Sam sits back and pulls him into his guard.

2. Mike drops down, posting his hands on Sam's far knee, sliding his foot between the Sam's.

3. Mike continues to sit back, then lifts above the knee, and Sam has no choice but to release the guillotine and post to avoid...

4. ... smashing his face into the deck. Mike is now out of the guillotine!

Update: Fixed the bad photo link. I just found out that Blogger has a picture size limit.

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