Monday, January 15, 2007

Today's TDA Tip: Don't Try to Break Out

One of the things I've learned from focusing so much on fighting multiple attackers over the past couple of years has been: Don't try to break out!

The temptation, when you see two or three (or more) assailants converging, or trying to flank you, is to "run for daylight" by sprinting into what you see as an opening. This is similar to watching a running back try to "hit the hole." Why shouldn't you do it? More often than not, the attackers expected it, and having less distance to cover than you, will close the hole and get your back.

Drill this: Don't tell your attackers what you're doing, and try splitting the middle of the attackers. Try it about three times, and you'll see that on at least two of them, you get squashed like a bug! Keep in mind that we allow grappling in our drills. You can tackle, grab, punch, kick, or strike (including the eyes, as we wear goggles) as an attacker or defender.

After you die (figuratively) a couple of times, try this instead: Attack a flanker. In other words, go for the weakest attacker and get him between you and the other attacker, per our usual advice.

When I get a chance, I will try to post some video of this instinctual tactic, and what happens when you try it.

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