Sunday, January 21, 2007

TDA Forum - help needed

I am creating a forum, and would like to ask for some help. We're going to try out two formats, and would like a very small group of readers (no more than 5) to test it with me, then give constructive suggestions on which format they like, and why. I plan to invite those users to the forum on Monday, 1/29, and test each format for about a week.

TDA Training is now averaging around 100 visits per day, and almost 250 page views (as of this post), so I think the next logical step is to make a user forum available to discuss the subjects brought up during posts, share ideas, and exchange information. A forum is a popular and easy way to do this. Up to this point most of our communication has been one-way: I post, you read. A few readers comment regularly, but that's a limited way of sharing information and communicating.

If you are interested in helping, please send me an email (link on the sidebar) by Thursday, 1/25 letting me know. It'll mean that we'll exchange emails and do a few test posts. It may be fun, but will be very constructive, I think. If you agree to be a part of the beta group, I'll send you an invitation by 1/28, then launch on Monday, 1/29. If you already participate in a forum, or run one, and have any advice, I'd appreciate that as well.

Thanks for reading, and I appreciate any help you can provide.

- Nathan

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