Friday, January 19, 2007

Sobering Advice on Predators

Just a few of the 24 points in this DefendU post:

  1. All predators are always killers. When they attack, your options for self-defense are very limited.
  2. The predator is smarter than you. Act and react accordingly.
  3. Predators will use all the force necessary (and then some) to achieve their goals, without regard to consequences.
  4. Predators evaluate their targets before attacking. If you are attacked, the predator has determined he will succeed without a heavy cost to himself.
  5. If you are about to become a victim, you have already made serious mistakes.
  6. Believe what you see; don't go into denial. Your attacker won't.
  7. In a lethal confrontation, you will only have time to choose one course of action – and your life depends on making the right choice.
  8. Predators rarely act alone, although the ones that do are the most dangerous. (If there's one, look for two; if there are two, look for three, etc.)
  9. Fear is the predator’s friend and your enemy.
  10. Talk and negotiation rarely work.
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