Monday, January 08, 2007

Bra Blocks Bullet!

It's not as impressive as it sounds. Per a local station in FL:
Atlanta resident visiting family in St. Petersburg, said her bra strap
deflected a falling bullet during holiday celebrations.

Her injuries may have been much more severe had it not been for her bra
strap, said George Kajtsa, spokesman for the St. Petersburg Police Department.

Bingham said she was outside with her daughter and son sitting on a picnic
bench, ringing in the New Year and viewing the local fireworks display when she
felt a sharp pain in her left shoulder.
It was Bingham's son who first
noticed blood dripping from his mother's arm.

"The bullet was halfway inside of my bra, and the other half right on the
tip of my skin," Bingham later told WTSP-TV.

Someone had fired a gun into the air and as the .45-caliber bullet fell
back to earth, Bingham was struck. Kajtsa described the wound as a "big scratch
with bruising."

Bingham was taken to Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg where she
was given five stitches. The bullet was lodged into the bra strap and was only
removed when doctors intervened and cut the bullet from the strap.

St. Petersburg Police are still searching for the shooter to determine if
Bingham was the target of the gunfire or if she was simply in the wrong place at
the wrong time, Kajtsa said.

Obviously, this doesn't indicate that a bra will protect you from a bullet, unless it's falling from the sky. It does highlight the dangers associated with bullets. What goes up, must come down, as they say...

Hat tip: Drudge Report

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