Friday, December 15, 2006

There is hope!

I often lament the work ethic and lax morals of the younger people now, probably in the same manner that my elders have done with my generation. Be of good cheer - there is hope! I met an outstanding young man of sixteen named James a couple of weeks ago on a flight from Kansas to DC.

James was gregarious, striking up a conversation with me almost immediately, and within about an hour, I knew what his ambitions and plans for the future were. He was also Qan experienced young martial artist, having trained in Wing Chun and TKD, but mostly self-trained and taught. After the subject came up, his face lit up as he pumped me for information on the different systems I taught and studied, on my recommendations for his training, and on "realistic" self-defense. He had a great grasp of martial arts etiquette, was very respectful to me, and others, and also seemed to have good ideas on technique and tactics. Impressive.

I wish James all God's blessings in life, and extend an open invitation to train with us and share his knowledge. James, give me a call or email when you are back in the DC area!- Nathan

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