Saturday, August 19, 2006

MACP/BJJ: Rear Takedown - video

In our ongoing series on the Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP), I promised to post and critique techniques based on what seems to be practical in the "real world," as opposed to the arena, which is the venue for which many of these BJJ techniques seem designed. Look at the rear takedown.

Effectiveness: This is a technique which seems very practical. We have integrated it into our knee/Thai clinch defense as a counter, and it works like a charm. You end up in the mount, or in a good position to get the back mount as your opponent may try to roll onto his stomach and get up from there.

Critical flaws: You go to the ground, which if you have a duty belt, are facing multiple opponents, or are going to hit the pavement, can be a problem. Also, when you go down, you release the waist, post on one hand, then roll over to mount your opponent. If your hand lands on something slippery or, worse yet, sharp, you could be in trouble.

Overall: I like it. It has its place and seems to be a good technique. My MCMAP Black Belt instructor likes it as well. As a caveat, unless you know your environment and opposition, don't use it.

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