Sunday, July 30, 2006

No more CQC Magazine

Hock Hochheim will no longer publish CQC Magazine - and I had just "discovered" it a year or so ago! Anyway, he gives details:

You know, the times have changed so. When I started the idea for the magazine in 2001, the world was not so close, so flash-fast and broadband blitzed. The internet was not so fast and furious. News on any subject was not a flash screen away. Searches are a breeze now on any subject now. A breeze. Tons of short videos, hundreds of thousands of them, are free at your fingertips in almost seconds. A viewer could be hypnotized for weeks on end by the free martial clips.

Its a two-fang, fandango. One fang, the service of CQC Magazine is no longer needed and we no longer have the time to work on it. Two, with all these internet advancements for the reader, I no longer need or care to amass the information, dig the research, organize the collection, sweat through the sorting, push the rendering, and ramrod the publication. We have been replaced by the search engines at your fingertips. Frankly, a great sense of relief has fallen over us.

That's cool. It's an adaptation to changes in the medium he attempted to publish and promote it on. He does say, as a consolation, "Actually this blog page will start to look more and more like CQC Magazine as the weeks and months go by. Consider this blog as the CQC Magazine incarnate." So read Hock's blog, and look for my long-promised interview with him at some point in the future.

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