Sunday, July 09, 2006

My state of affairs

Training this weekend was pretty good. We have a great addition to our group, Daniel, a MCMAP Black Belt Instructor Trainer who's joined us, and is gung ho to train. We've been catching him up on some techniques that aren't a part of the Corps' training (mostly so he can defend them), and he's been giving us some finer points that they've hammered out in their program over the last eight or nine years.

I have a sore and kinked neck, and feel like I have a bruised rib. I was demonstrating Thai clinch defenses this Saturday, and as soon as Mike yanked on it, I was yelped in pain and had to bow out of the rest of the training. It's been in pain since last weekend (July 1).

In order to combat my being so out of shape and flabby, I've committed to sparring 12 consecutive rounds by the end of September. This will be considerably more than I've done in the past ten or twelve years. I think the most I've ever done was ten, so this will be quite a challenge. I weigh in at about 225 pounds now, and want to get to about 185, so this will help. Wish me luck!
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