Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Are the little guys more dangerous?

Brad Parker of DefendU answers this question:
"I've heard a well respected video producer say that it's the little guy that you should watch out for -- they are more dangerous than big guys because they have to be. He says "Big guys too often rely on their instant respect and do not learn to handle situations properly and efficiently. Label it with whatever you like...lazy, comfortable, inattentive." What do you think?"

I like Brad's answer, and I would just add the following:

  1. Size definitely matters.

  2. Speed matters more

  3. But size plus speed is hard to overcome

Finally, I have seen plenty of situations where size advantages have been nullified or overcome by the ferocity and tenacity (heart) of a smaller fighter, or his skill on the ground. But, as Brad says, "All things being equal, the bigger guy is going to win." Good night.

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