Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Conversation with Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris - good guyAmazing that Chuck Norris is still kicking at full speed! Read this short Black Belt Magazine interview excerpt. After all these years, he's still on top. We've seen the rise and fall, the wax and wane of the star power of numerous martial arts actions stars (including Chuck's), but he always comes back to what made him so good, martial arts action with character. Norris has always seemed to live up to the responsibility of being a good role model, especially important considering the impact that he has on any kid that's ever seen him onscreen. How many other martial artists in the public eye can you say this about? Me neither... I remember I was in the produce aisle in a grocery store within a block of my school, and a student and his mom were there, and he said, "Mr. Nathan! What are YOU doing here?!!" He was amazed to see me outside the studio, as if at night I went back into my storage box like the prospector in Toy Story, to rest up for the next day's lessons.

Don't forget, everything we do may be seen or heard someday, by our students, peers, co-workers, and children, but WILL be seen by God. Live up to your calling.

Sermon hereby concluded. Back to work!
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