Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Security Guard Attacked By A Gang

In an excellent breakdown and analysis, Christopher Caile of Fightingarts.com dissects the youth gang attack on a security guard in Vegas last week. Excerpt:

By April 19, 2006: A gang attack late last night proved that you can lose more than your money and innocence in Los Vegas [sic] - your physical safety, maybe even your life is at risk.

Today the national news covered the story about a security guard sitting in a golf cart at the back of MGM Grand who suffered a ravage and senseless attack by a group of youths. He was lucky, very lucky to escape without serious injury - if you call bruises plus a broken jaw and collar bone not serious.

The melee was caught on a security camera and was played later on CNN and other major news agencies.

When I looked at the images, a couple of important self-defense lessons seemed to jump out. His first actions contributed to the attack, although his final actions just may have saved his life.

Read it all. I find the analysis and prescrition at the end the most interesting. It could really happen to anyone. There's something about group/gang activity that seems to result in more vicousness than would otherwise occur. You may have read about the beating death of a very large man a few years by a group of youths and kids as young as ten. Watch out for groups...

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