Saturday, May 20, 2006

Coach Shamrock vs. Coach Tito No Contest So Far

MMABlogger has a blunt opinion on Ken Shamrock’s coaching prowess, with which I happen to agree. On the "The Ultimate Fighter" (at least so far), Tito has shown a coaching style that seems more effective, to say the least. My expectations were also high, considering Shamrock's past glory as a fighter, but even more so as a coach.
At the beginning of UFC’s “The Ultimate Fighter” 3, I thought that Ken Shamrock would be far superior to Tito Ortiz when it came to coaching. After all, he has his legendary “Lion’s Den” team that turned out a lot of good fighters, like Frank Shamrock, Guy Mezger (where is he these days anyways?), Vernon White, and some other guys I can’t remember right now.
His choice of assistant coaches is questionable.
The boxing coach makes sense…but still.
Personally, I was hoping he’d bring out some of the old Lion’s Den fighters to help him coach (imagine Ken and Frank Shamrock coaching together??? I’d pay to see that on PPV).
And his blunt assessment:
So far in TUF 3, he’s the worst coach ever!
I think he's right on. If you watch the show, you'll probably agree.

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