Saturday, April 01, 2006

New Link - Judo Information Site

I can't believe I never placed the Judo Information Site into Links. This is an amazing site. It has articles, diagrams, and even videos of all the Judo technique in existence. It also has authoritative articles on martial arts history and technique that will benefit all fighters. Please check it out, then bookmark it.

Background: The Judo Information Site went online in June 1995. It is one of the oldest martial arts sites online, and the first site to provide a wealth of information about any martial art. The Judo Information Site is the original, often-copied, information source. Over 5 million people have visited, and more than 150,000 visitors enjoy the site each month. With more than 5 million hits each month it is the world's largest online Judo dojo. The Judo Information Site is also available on CD.

Purpose: The purpose of the Judo Information Site is to promote Judo around the world by educating the general public and Judo students about the various benefits of Judo. Judo can be more than an Olympic sport or a martial art. It is a way of life for many people who practice it. This site allows the learning to continue off the mat, providing a reference tool for students and coaches to gain a more complete understanding of the richness of Judo.

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