Monday, April 10, 2006

Blauer Combative Philosophy

"Grappling may be your thing, but blunt trauma is king!"

"Remember, don't necessarily use your favorite move in a fight: use the move that's worst for your opponent! That takes versatility. There are times for the ground and times to stay on your feet. Most of the time, for the extreme close quarters you want to be up and ready to move. But for real-life confidence you need to cross train. "

"Should you train grappling? Yes, but with a focus on how to 'subdue' not 'submit' your opponent. Strike when you can, grapple when you have to. My friend Ron Donvito sums it up best: "Grappling may be your thing, but blunt trauma is king!" This philosophy helps create clarity in the moment. Remember, street confrontations generally start in close quarter range. If the confrontation is not taken care of verbally or physically at that range, or if the attack were so sudden, it would probably go to the ground. Learning grappling skills is extremely important for total confidence. And if you are forced to the ground you will not panic. You have the tools."

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