Friday, April 14, 2006

Air Guns and Self-Defense Training

In this article, Jim Wagner advocates Air Guns for Self-Defense Training:

Most violent crimes today are committed by armed criminals, be it with knives or guns, and yet most martial artists spend the majority of their time practicing against empty hand opponents. If you have been paying attention to the news lately, you soon come to the realization that your self-defense training should be more weapons oriented and less empty hand centered. Even for those few martial artists that practice gun disarming techniques, often times the training is unrealistic and does not accurately parallel the realities of actual criminal and terrorist attacks. If you say that your gun training is realistic, then there is just one word to prove it - PROJECTILE.

If you're not using training guns that actually fire projectiles, then you're training is not reality-based. The way to achieve realism in your training is to purchase air guns, plastic 6mm balls, and eye protection. With a little safety training you can have realistic firearms scenarios a part of your current martial arts training, regardless of what system you study. In fact, the use of air guns will point out very quickly the strengths and weaknesses of your system when it comes to surviving gun attacks.

I agree. That's why we're going to do airsoft after the ground fighting.

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