Friday, February 24, 2006 - new Link

I've "discovered" another good site. I have added it to Links. Let me know what you think. It is organized into "Issues" like a magazine. If you want to get to past issues, click on the Past Issues link at the top. Pretty nice.

From Issue #1: is an informative online resource for people interested in the subject of real fighting and reality-based self-defense. Our focus is not the sport, art, or spiritual aspect of martial arts, but real fighting. Although traditional martial arts and reality-based defense are different, we also understand that martial arts can provide a vehicle for self-defense training.

Every issue will feature profiles and interviews of top fighters, articles on reality-based self-defense, health © conditioning, armed self-defense, a woman’s perspective and reviews of books, videos, movies, schools, seminars and products. Whether you’re a UFC champion or a novice in self-defense, you’ll find practical and useful information in our articles, profiles and reviews. Major profiles are updated quarterly and many smaller articles will be updated more frequently.

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