Monday, February 13, 2006

Black Belt interview of Dominique Vandenberg

Click the link and read the whole thing. It's not instructional, but very interesting. Vandenberg is definietly a warrior, if his claims are true- professional Muay Thai competitor, French Foreign Legion, training and fighting no-rules, bare-knuckle matches in the jungles of Burma, bouncer, etc. Now he's working on movie stunts and fighting coordinator. Interesting life.

On a personal note, I've met many people who were looking for something in martial arts that they couldn't find somewhere else. They were looking for an ego boost, a spiritual leader (a la "Kung Fu", or "Karate Kid"), or to just belong. I can relate, as I probably have had all of those desires at some point, and looked at the next style or instructor as a possible fulfillment of it. Trust me, it's not there (in martial arts). Ask me.

For me now, training is what I like, and teaching for their own sake. I enjoy lacing 'em up and getting bloody, or my bell rung. I like and admire when I am the recipient of a well-executed counter as much as I like delivering one, if you can understand. Many of you can. Martial arts training, to me, is like breathing mountain air, or seeing a beautiful sunset. Doing it is it's own reward-Jesus provides the rest, if I let him. "Not a sermon, just a thought..."

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