Friday, January 27, 2006


"World Champion Cung Le Teaches 3 San Shou Methods for Defending Against it—Plus a Few Tips on How to Use It! "

In this article, the Vietnamese-born champ will introduce you to three ways to dynamically defend against a relatively new element that has been tossed into the san shou technical mix: the knee strike.


Sam Bertolino said...

Good article. Also, I have watched a number of Cung Le fights. He is absolutely a master of the game. His speed and skill is amazing. He dominates every opponent I have seen him fight with ease. If you ever have a chance to see him fight, don't miss it . Truly a master.

Nathan Teodoro said...

He's OK. This guy I know-Sam something-is a lot better. Seriously, I saw something on ESPN2 late at night, and he was awesome- complete package, though he did get hit too much with hands. His offense was great, mixing Thai kicks, spinning techniques, boxing hands, throws, and takedowns. Excellent.