Monday, January 24, 2005

Low checking kick

We worked on the low, checking kick. This is performed with a stiff leg, and a pendulum-type motion. It's more of a leg-obstruction or stop-hit than a true strike. Posted by Hello


~A! said...

I have always found the need to seriously check the kick, to ensure no damage is done to the person you're working out with.

Translated, only intermediate to advanced students should attempt it, even in practice.


Sharaf said...

What is meant by checking here?

Nathan Teodoro said...

Great question Sharaf! A definition of term is always the beginning of communication. In this case, it's an obstruction of forward motion, and/or preventing use of the opponent's legs by a lead-leg push. Notice that this will put the opponent back on his heels and create an opening while preventing transfer of weight? To me, that means that even if the opponent hits me, it will be an arm punch only.