Thursday, June 24, 2004

The Jab- building block of boxing

How many times have you been hit while trying to advance on your sparring partner? How many times have you swung - and missed by a mile? How would you like a way to safely stop someone from beginning one of those 5-punch combinations that really hurt?!!

Try the JAB!

The jab has the following benefits:
*Lead safely- it's already half-way there and has least risk when used properly.
*Best start to a combination. If done with commitment, will force an opponent to react, thereby creating an opening for the remainder of your combination.
*Can "freeze" an opponent by interrupting their train of thought, rythme, or bisecting his combination and saving your butt!
*When completing this punch, you're back in your defensive or "base" position with your guard up.
*It, along with the lead-right, is the least telegraphing punch to throw.
*Range-finder. Increases your hit-percentage by checking the range that you're at and allowing you to decide if it's time to fire!

How to perform the jab:

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ruben rosales said...

i have a question...152 against to prevent him from rushing you or pushing me to the ropes